Well look what the cat dragged in....or tiger...whatever. So we said we would do a new TTMAG whenever we can be bothered. It appears as though our procrastination skills need some serious work as we are waaaaaaay too productive for a Monday morning. This is what happens when you stay in bed all weekend away from tequila and boys. Dad would be proud. Anyways back to the hoodies. They are rad. We wear them everywhere. The only downer is that when you wear the sequin hoodies, people (and by people I mean mainly girls), keep petting you like your a god damn Chihuahua. Then you get the one slightly loose chick at around the 2am mark who screams "Oh my god are those sequins like real gold?" - Yeah dickhead - SOLID gold - Now get your peasant hands off me before my guards are off with your head.

To buy one of these gold plated hoodies please hop onto

Peace + love to all you cool kids.
xxx The TT Crew

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