TT S H O P : L A U N C H. P A R T Y

We celebrated the opening of our online store the other night at our Sydney retail home Capital L. Rekorderlig were game enough to be our sponsor. A wise choice we think. We look forward to spending our summers with team Rekorderlig sipping away on pear ciders. Yeowww! Anyways whilst the crowd chin-chinged their bottles together they also got to pet the new threads and run around in some of the new capes we've just released. Cool kids such as Rai Thistlethwayte (frontman for Thirsty Merc) swung in for some fun. All in all it was a cool couple of hours as per usual on the TT front. Afterwards we piled into Barrio Chino on Bayswater road, our favourite tequila bar in the universe. We also downed some killer tacos , the prawn ones will give you the time of your life - FACT - And the reason we know it's a fact is because we read it in our fact book. They also have a salsa program. Yeah you heard us correctly. A salsa program. It sounds like a freakin' workout with Richard Simmons. So what we figured out is you do about 7 reps of the green salsa before you work your way up to the super hot salsa. The green salsa is still the best though. We'd spread that shit on our toast in the mornings if we could. Vegemite whaaaaaaa?????

We will not go on further about what happened here that night as I'm pretty sure A) We'll get arrested or B) We'll get shipped to boarding school....Sigh.

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Peace to all you cool kids.
xxx The TT Crew

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