ANNOUNCEMENT TO OUR FELLOW RAD PEEPS: Good news. We are 4 weeks shy of launching our schmick new website along with new TT pieces. Its so neato you'll be playing around on it for hours. Just incase you didnt already waste enough time on facebook while your at work. We have come to distract you even more. Deal with it.

For those of you wanting us to just shut the hell up and let you know when you can get your hands on the bad-ass sequinned skinny's above (more professionally known as 'Tiger Pins'). Relax ya'all. They will be up for grabs in 4 weeks when the new site launches. We have a seriously limited stock. So your gunna have to go all Lightnin' Mcqueen and be super speedy to grab a pair.

If you want to be notified when they land in store just shove your email in this little box and we will send word via pigeon the minute they are available. Okay we will just email you. Forget the pigeons. Although they are super sad to be so out of work these days.

In the meantime - Everything else on our site is now %50 off with free shipping if your in Australia. If your somewhere exotic, we can still ship to you but we will charge a once off fee.
Click here to start gathering up pairs of tights for $37.
xxx The TT Crew

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