Allo' poppet what do we have here then? Yes these are SHORTS ladies and gentlemen. They may LOOK like underwear but they are indeed our version of shorts. Short-shorts to be correct. It comes from the Latin phrase "annus mirabilis adus short shortus" meaning "having little length; not long; your dad will disown you if you wear these" (we have GOT to stop making shit up). These shorts are so damn short that even if you ARE short your pins will look longer than Gisele Bunchen's. Actually no-one can beat those Brazilian sets of pins - Then again our TT models sure do give her a run for her god damn money. All $750 million of it. Rahhhhhhhhhhhh!

To get your ass into a pair of these bad ass babys hop onto

Peace + love to all you cool kids.
xxx The TT Crew

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